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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bored. Why?

Because I depend on all of you to entertain me and you are failing miserably! No new music, nothing new written, no new pictures, NOTHING. As a result I've had to go check out your friends and see if THEY were doing anything interesting. Results? First off...some of your friends are freaks. Just had to say it. It had to be said. Second...the rest of em arent doing anything either!
What? You all think you have lives or something? Negligence of your duties entertaining me isn't proof of having lives. Pictures, stories, comments on life in general...THAT is proof you have lives. So show me the proof baby!
In the mean time...*points* You! Put on a pirate hat and sing me a show tune. *points* You! Compose a dirty haiku! *points* You! Put on these bunny ears and do a dance to Aerosmith's 'Rag Doll'. *points* You! Grab the camera, I want that pirate hat going in the archives.*points* You!...ok ya you can't do crap. You just stay there picking your nose. Just..just don't eat any. *shudder* *points* You! Fetch me a drink, you saucey wench. Yes, I know you're a guy. You're still my -*cough*-. yes. There! Now the rest of you...go DO something then come back here and tell me all about it! Now, or else I get out the Bangles cd's and Village People hats.
*stretches and leans back, prepared to enjoy*


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