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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My head is a barometer...and other rants...

First off, yes, my head would appear to be a barometer. Since spring arrived here in MO, I've been fighting migraines. I've had two full ones so far, and fight 'echoes' pretty much every other day. The only thing that seems to hold them off is guzzling water till I slosh. Then I'm fine for about an hour or so, it crops up again, and I guzzle some more water. Seems to be in direct relation to the barometric pressure and humidity. So...looks like I'll be sloshing a lot this summer.

Second, my 8-yr-old has decided he can lie after all. :( Thanks to his hyperlexia, he's always been very very literal. It used to never even occur to him to say something that wasn't completely accurate (as he saw it). Now all of a sudden, he gets that normal kid-in-trouble look in his eye if he thinks coming clean is going to get him in trouble. You can see him weighing his options when we ask him something. (yes, thankfully his face is as readable as mine is - otherwise we'd be in trouble) And of course when we see this look on his face, we are quick to remind him not to make stuff up, and that he'll get in more trouble if he lies, than if he jsut comes clean. So far so good...but alas...the end of an era. :( I liked having a completely honest kid. ...Ok so sometimes that 'honesty' was awkward while out in public, but..y'know...ya take the good, ya take the bad...*breaks out in song* "ya take em both and there ya have..the facts of life! the facts of life! where the world never seeems to be liiivin up to your dreams..."
ok..ya..done singing now. You can unplug your ears.

3rd rant of the day...getting license plates changed down here is a pain in the ass. Especially for the leased car. They are requesting title, lease, power of attorney, fax numbers, not to mention all the inspections required down here. Hubby's car is taken care of finally, except for mounting the darn things (need to get a detail shop to mount holders on the fronts of the vehicles...or, y'know, get out the drill ourselves...muahhahaha poower tooools...) But the van...ya. Pin in the ass. ...A pain even. (no i dont feel like backspacing and correcting. deal.) At any rate, it's nearing the end of April, and I'm starting to feel like a target every time I pass an officer or one pulls up behind me. Which, as I've stated before, happens a couple times a day down here.

4th...ya..pretty sure I had a 4th one laying around down here somewhere. But now my head is fuzzy. I think I need a nap. Ya...a nap sounds good. Maybe i can schedule one in next week.


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