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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

poem: Ache

An Ache

Who are you when you’re not with me?
Instead of asking,
I drink cool waters from your babbling lips.

Who is it that holds your heart at night?
Instead of wondering,
I breathe you in and live another day.

Do you know how much of me you own?
Instead of telling you,
I give myself to you again and again.

Whose touch does your skin ache for?
Instead of leaving,
I hold your hand, squeezing my pulse
between our palms.

Do you wonder why I ask no questions?
Do you think it is because I have no interest?
Oh, no, my love.
It is fear that holds my tongue.
Fear that you will be chased away
by something I cannot see
and I cannot stop.

Whose voice do you hear in your dreams?
I’m sorry, but I cannot ask.
I cannot free you so easily.


And so,
veiled you will remain.
My silent pretender.


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