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Sunday, April 09, 2006


Okay. So today we learned the other side to having these beautiful woods right behind our house. Found a tic on Kiddo-2 today as we were doing bathtime. This would be my first ever encounter with one. Even with all the camping we did growing up. Always heard warnings about em, was around people who'd check each other for em. Had still never seen one. Until today. Gotta say, the sight of that thing with his head buried in my kid... *cringes and shudders* On the inside completely freaked out, on the outside we all handled ourselves like pros. Kiddo included. (very proud of him). Got him off. Got him dead. Got us all cleaned up. By the end of the summer we may be old hacks at this whole procedure and find ourselves looking back at this initial experience and laughing. For now, however...'scuse me while I go do the heebie-jeebie itchy dance...


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