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Friday, April 07, 2006


Ok, I just have to say that I am truly loving our new locale. Despite having grown up next door to and on country roads, birdsong was always this jumbled chorus. I never learned (for example) the difference between the song of a Robin and the song of a Cardinal. Birds were silent while nibbling at bird feeders, or noisy as heck while hidden in trees. Unless it was a flock of Sparrows greedily going to town. But even then, it was just a mass of twirping. However here...Wow.
Despite moving to a much busier area than we were in before, we have far fewer people noises and much more critter noises. Our backyard looks out over a nature preserve. We're seeing tons of deer, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, and sooo many birds! I'm lOving it! The best part to this is that, being a preserve, the critters are completely comfortable with where they're at. The two biggest trees right by our fence are favorite song perches. In fact there is a cut off branch which faces our patio, and several have been seen standing on there at different times, solo, singing their hearts out like it was a stage. There are still sounds of things I'm unable to see. And I'm sure that once all the summer foliage has filled in, all but that one little stage will be nigh invisible to me. But for now, while the bare branches and their lowered inhibitions last, I'm learning the songs of Cardinal, Robin, Chickadee, Warbler, Woodpecker...
I'm also just feeling extra good today. Tends to happen the day after a migraine. Not entirely sure what set it off. Could be the fact that I was stressed and ate peanut butter and drank coffee on a rainy and humid day. None of those seem to do it on their own, but the worst days tend to have had them all as ingredients. But today...today the sun is shining, the birds are singing and I feel completely safe hitting the PB and Coffee hardcore. ;)


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