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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Enjoying a still moment...

Nothing big to report lately. Been blessedly quiet around here. Despite the hubby's business trip. (he gets home tonight, yay!). Things will be hopping beginning tomorrow. The kids' last day of school. Can't believe it's here already! Then we have company coming into town Friday for a day/night, different company coming into town Saturday for a week-ish. Still not sure if we'll make it t MI at the beginning of June or not. Then later in June my trip to DE (yippee!) :) So..ya...not much to say now, but will be tons to rant about...I mean..joyous tales to relate to you all in a week or two. In the mean time, a few kid quotes I was...graced with...over this past week or two.

Kiddo 1: (after overhearing that I was feeling a little nauseous one morning) "Mom, does that mean you're going to breed again?"
(...ya..that was my reaction too...:p )

Kiddo 1: "ooooooh!! Why do I always have to put my shoes on??!!"

Kiddo 2: "Mom, my heart is loving you."

Kiddo 2: "Mom, do YOU have 10 fingers too??" (yes.) "Do daddy and Stan too??" (um..yes? lol.)

Kiddo 2: "Meet the butt!" (then he pointed it at me...*sigh* ..*swat*)

Ya..kids are entertaining. Gimme 50 (no, not all born/raised by me dear dog)....and a padded room....and we'd have either the most successful circus act on the planet, or the greatest add for birthcontrol ever. ...Would probably depend on what they ate/drank for breakfast that morning.


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