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Thursday, May 04, 2006

poem : Broken Walls

Broken Walls

circles, pyramids and a razor’s edge
spin and topple and slice
turning up and upside left
the rain comes down
and I come undone

sweet scent deliver me
tell me a tale
tell me a lie
tell me I am never forgotten
tell me there’s no reason to cry

stand on my foot
and tell me to run
turn the world sideways
and tell me it’s straight

my ears hear only your voice
and I have chosen to be blind

sweet sound deliver me
tell me a lie
tell me a tale
tell me of the one who’s forgotten
tell me there’s still wind in the sky

the sun comes up
and I’m still undone
turning down and downside right
spin and stumble and dance
in circles, on pyramids, on a razor’s edge


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