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Monday, May 08, 2006

This, That, and Wow

Those crazy crazy hermit crabs. So, Friday I cleared out the boys' bathroom so I could paint and recalk and whatnot. Did my usual check of the hermit crabs while I was moving their home. They'd hidden themselves for a while, so I was pleased to see they'd resurfaced. Then I looked closer. Apparently they'd only resurfaced to die. :( One was out of his shell and, well, toast. The other was hiding out in their little log half out of his shell, and a small poke declared him toast as well. Bummer on a rock. I was focused on other things however (redoing the bathroom) and so set them aside to deal with them later. Forgot about them Saturday other than to break the news to the kids finally.

So Sunday I finally go to clean stuff out, reach in and extract the one out of the corner. Then I go to get the other one... he's dragging himself to the food dish! What the heck?? Resurrection of the crab! He almost spent his last days in a garbage bag full of wet paint and ancient calking strips. Then I remembered. This would be the same crab who sent me scrambling through a 50 year old shell collection because he had to have a new home NOW. Only to return to his old home 3 days later. And now he's playing dead on me. Ya. He thinks he's funny, he thinks he's a prankster, he likes messing with me. I almost threw him in the garbage bag anyway...just for my own laughs. But I didn't. So how does this little guy repay me? As I was walking away I caught him trying to switch his shell with the one who'd just died. Ya. I caught him trying to pull an identity switch on me. Lil troublemaker.

On a completely different note, husband came home from yet another business trip yesterday. (yay) several days home alone with the kids makes Anna go a little (read: big time) crazy. So, at the first opportunity I ran out with a friend and we went touring the local nurseries in the area looking at plant life. Couple of em were alright. One of them though was pretty awesome. I will DEFinitely be going back. They had every herb I've heard of and then some. So I'm finally going to have my herb garden! :) Had a lot of other fun stuff too. Got a few things for the front yard and will be going back to get a couple fun things for my office. It was a day that definitely went far towards helping me maintain my zen.

Finally, 'the wow'...Been married for 14 years today. Can you believe it? Ya, me either. Would I do it over? You bet. ...though I might have put a clause in about socks somewhere in the I Do's. ...and maybe a toilet seat clause too. Ya..thatta been good. ;)

In all seriousness though, I have a good good life. Thanks hon.


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