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Sunday, June 04, 2006

And finally...

Clear sign that your kid needs to go to bed early (just in case you missed the first 50 clues and signs they gave you throughout the day)...
After hearing tears of anguish coming from across the house, I ran (read sauntered) to my child to find out what was wrong. This was the conversation :

me:"Are you ok?"
kiddo: "I'm huuurt..."*sobbing*
me: "How did you get hurt?"
kiddo: "I don't knooooow..." *sobbing*
me: "..ok. Where did you get hurt?"
kiddo: "I don't knoooow...."*sobbing*
me: "...alright. Um...why are you crying?"
kiddo: "...I don't knoooow...." *sniffling*

One minute, 35 seconds later, kiddo was chipper and chattering in the next room. Ya. Early bedtime. Is it 7:30 yet?? *looks at clock* ...2:20...*braces self for rest of day*


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