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Sunday, June 04, 2006

A few general observations...

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Now that I've spent an entire half day vegging (yesterday) and an entire morning just sorting through pictures taken during our company's stay(today)... Just a few observations...

1. A full week of going to bed at 9 and getting up before 5:30 makes the kids manic-cranky. Watching them both have melt-downs over the same things (ie. their sandwich being cut into forths instead of halves)was just frightening...though oddly nice as since I'd just dealt with it for one, I was 'practiced' for the next one.

2. The 'burst' function on digital cameras should be used sparingly (if ever)and never while trying to capture small children running around legs of adults. Why you ask? because the results are the same...blury kids, and several angles of the poor adult's gut/legs/butt/etc. So instead of capturing that 1 perfect kid shot, you now have 15 bad butt shots to delete.

3. You may have thought you were rather non-opinionated. Yep. Easy-going. That's you. All it takes to dash that illusion is to have an extremely opinionated person come around with the exact opposite taste and opinions you have. Suddenly you find yourself choking and barely refraining from making terrible childish gag-me-with-a-spoon gestures.

4. There's nothing like a little extra chaos to make you appreciate the peace and harmony that is the chaos of your normal daily life.

5. I actually discovered a priority that ranks above sleep for me. Having a few minutes to myself. Whether I was chatting online, surfing comics, doing a little photoshop, working a Sudoku puzzle, listening to music on the ipod, or ...whatever... I found myself staying up late after others went to bed, just to have those few minutes to myself. Every morning I'd ask myself why on earth I did that to myself, surely that time would have been better spent getting an extra hour or so of sleep...but by the time the day was over, I was saying "oh, ya, that's why", and doing it again. Maintaining peace within..it's a beautiful thing...and far fewer people get death stares from you...which maintains peace outside...also a beautiful thing.

6. Was about to say that in the vein of air fresheners, even a nice scent can be over done and start to drive you mad...However..thinking back...we had 4 adults, 3 kids and 2 dogs in this house during a week of 90-ish temps. And yet, I was smelling the air freshener....I think I'll go hug it instead of throwing it out.

7. I need a nap. A nice long one where I can just go comatose without kid-worry or a phone waking me up 20 minutes in.

8. Even small dreams are worth carrying around in your pocket.


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