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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm back!

I'm home from my little vacate to another state. Spent a week with my sis and her lil family. It was some much needed 'time away'. A few thoughts and tidbits about my week...

~The best-laid plans...not a single day went by that happened as it was planned. Not that it was actually planned for more than an hour or few. We basically woke each morning got a general idea of what that day should look like then carried on. The day always ended with stripes instead of polka-dots or blue instead of green. However they all still ended up very pleasant and I wouldnt have traded any one of them.

~ Sushi. :)

~ My plane that I flew home on was hit by lightning about 5 minutes after we got into the air. THAT was exciting... :P Huge pop a flare of light in the aisle right by my seat = everone in a ten seat radius staring at each other with great big 'oh shit' looks on their faces. The turbulence didnt help. Pretty sure God got a sudden earful around then.

~ I met several people this trip. ..Ok 6 (1 I knew already but had never seen outside the computer screen and then 5 new meats..I mean people), but compared to the normal 'none' that I usually meet when I go to see her, it seemed like a lot. Had a fantastic time with all. Made some great memories.

~Am always amazed and amused at how shocking it is to meet someone for the first time that you've known online. No matter how many pictures you exchange and whatnot, that first 3D meeting hits ya between the eyes. And I'm not saying this in a bad way by any means. (ie. you show up and they have purple and green horns growing out of their skull...a lil shocking) It's simply trying to match everything you've known and seen with the real life, walking, talking creature in front of you. Along with that is the surety that they are experiencing the same shock where you're concerned and the terror that the shock will be too much for em and they'll run screaming. Makes you a big pile of nerves and you find yourself saying stupid things like 'You're taller in real life than you are on my computer'. Eventually one or both of you says or does something that is so familiar that it all clicks into place and you just smile and think 'it's YOU! there was this other person standing in your spot a minute ago, but there you are! ...hi!'

~It's been confirmed that flirting is in my genetic make up. Those who've truly met me probably already knew this fact to be true. Those who haven't or still doubt, let me offer exhibit A: My sis. And that's not our only common trait. We're terrible. Especially if you have us in the same room together. Those who HAVE experienced us in the same room for any length of time seem to be either very amused or very afraid. Usually both. Our poor husbands. They get messed with...a lot.

~That being said, we've both been noticing more and more lately that while our tastes in some things are very very similar...the places where we differ? Extreme. It reminds me of my two boys. They are like two sides of the same coin. In almost all things they are either identical or they are polar opposites. Very little in-between. My sis and I are the same way. We knew many of our differenced growing up. They were constantly pointed out to us. It wasn't until we were grown that we discovered all our similarities and were able to become friends. It wasn't until recently that we've been seeing both sides at the same time. I think we both suddenly have this running list in our heads of how we're different...but it's one I dont think we'll ever share with each other. So much safer and more comfortable to concentrate on the commonalities...

~ I got to spoil my niece and nephew rotten while I was there. *grin* In my completely unbiased opinion they are a couple of cuties. *wink* It's fun because they are approaching that age of making memories that they'll remember clearly when they are much older. I remember what a huge deal certain things were to me, growing up. Whether it was someone playing with my hair, or buying that trinket, or tossing me upside down, or teaching me soemthing new...all those little moments where the world slows down and you're the center of someone's universe for a few seconds. Those little moments that made you feel important and loved. Those feelings you're supposed to have all the time but that get lost in the every day hustle and bustle and doubt. Those moments are the ones that make a child skip and twirl and laugh deep in their belly. They take so little effort, and they make such a huge difference. And gives me an incredible thrill every time I get to create one of those moments with one of my siblings' offspring. I want to be that sweet-smelling aunt that always has gum in her purse and gives the best hugs.

~Speaking of hugs, being gone for a week sure gets you some nice ones from the hubby and kids when you get back. And I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that they subsisted on spaghetti and pizza the entire time I was gone, or that they had to do dishes and pick up after themselves. *wink* I am pretty impressed and proud of the hubby for the job he did holding down the fort while I was gone though. (He had his folks in town to help, but that also comes with it's own level of stress. Which he survived.) Everyone was fed and had semi normal bedtimes, dishes were done, he made the kids change their clothes once in awhile, and he took them out around town to do fun stuff so they weren't couped up in the house all week. Of course this means that I also got a very gratifiing "your job is hard!" when I got off the plane. *grins* That little bit of acknowledgement is nice to hear now and then.

~ Getting away for a week helped in other areas too. I'm able to think about getting that puppy the boys are begging for now and smile about it. I think we'll be hunting for that new family member later tonight. Wish us luck.

I think that about does it for now. If I come up with anything else later, I'll post again. For now, let me leave you with the moral of my story...it's a moral to live by people...

"That small pile of 3 cards is NOT worth getting your hand smashed into the table by three airforce guys and a sister, all of which are half-baked and out for blood. You gotta wait till there are at least 5 cards out there."


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