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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Random thoughts

It appears that, once again, I should have kept my trap shut. Murphey just keeps too close tabs on me, and I should have known better. I've always been rather accident prone. I've managed to avoid any known broken bones, as well as any stitches other than those related to surgery. But I am generally known for having a good sized goose egg on my head or a plethora of bruises on my legs that I don't remember the sources of. ...etc. Well, since we moved to our new location, I've been remarkably accident-free. We've been here nearly 7 months and, aside from my new stragne inability to get through a doorway without hitting my arm, I've been pretty non-injured. The problem? Well, I had to go and mention this observation out loud. And I've been paying the piper ever since. Tripping over the doggie gate (apparently I CAN'T fly over it), getting my lip split after a head butt from the puppy, ...getting a whole bit all the way through my thumb...by the puppy...hmmm...k. I'm noticing a trend here. Anyone want a new puppy? Barely used... j/k :p *slaps hands away* He's MINE, you can't have him!

Speaking of dogs...I had a few thoughts there the other day. Particularly with regards to the pros and cons to having a smart dog vs one that's a few squeaks short of a full chew toy. I've had both. For example...
* A dim-witted dog takes a lil longer to train, but they tend to stay trained..for good or ill. A smart dog trains really rather quickly...but then they start training you. No matter what system you set up, they quickly learn how to manipulate it.
* A dim dog will adore you always, no matter what. A smart dog will love you no matter what too...but if you piss them off...or even just mildy irritate them...they'll get back at you. They are masters at revenge.
* A dim dog might chew your shoes or that book you left laying out, but a smart dog knows how to pick out your favorite pair...the truly evil mastermind dog picks one each of several pairs and chews 'just enough'.

*Hears a kids scream in the other room...and it's echo from the other kid...checks calender* 19 days till school starts again! ...YES I'm starting the countdown already! You wanna know why kids and puppies are so darn cute? It keeps you from eating them!

Hmmm...I'm feeling a bit peckish...'scuse me while I go scrounge up some lunch. *hugs*


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