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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cranky muse...


I'll help you fight your demons
Just don't make me one of them
I'll help you wipe your tears
Just don't make me the cause of them
I'll help you ban your ghosts
Just don't ban me too
I'll help you reach your star
Just don't blanket the moon
I'll be there to lean on, to listen,
to encourage, to help you in your battle
Just don't forget me
Once your war has been won

Life is Funny

It takes streams of words
To get us moving,
But only one
To gorgonize us.

It’s things that should not hurt us
That always make us bleed.

It’s the fear of loss
That makes us hold on tight
Yet it’s holding on tight
That smothers and kills
and causes us to lose

It’s the feathered touches
That cut like a thorn.

It’s the random acts
From unexpected places
That we see and take note of,
Not the ones given freely
On a daily basis
By those who love us.

It’s the silent, waiting hug
That makes us spill our hearts.

It’s the ones who see
Everyone else’s worth
Who have the hardest time
Seeing their own.

It’s only when we stand still
That we can see and choose
The path before us.

It’s putting blinders on,
And running as fast as we can
That makes us run in circles.

It’s the kick from behind
That makes us see
What is in front.


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