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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


That pretty much sums it up. *phew!* (it was worth saying again. ;p ) Migraine is gone, school supplies have been bought, dispersed and delivered, In-laws are on their way back to Michigan, kids are off to their first day of school and the house is...-wait a minute..*runs and turns tv off, gives the dogs each a chew-snack on my way back in*..there..-and the house is QUIET. For the first time in weeks...months?! And it's all mine for another almost 2 hours! Wheeee! *puts blinders on for those two hours so she can't see any of the clutter left by the departure tornado this morning* Nothing that can't wait till later today or even till tomorrow. The ONLY damper on this morning was a call from school nurse and the discovery that if we hadn't gotten into the doctor's office yesterday (we were on a waiting list to get in for crying out sakes) then the little one would have had to wait a week or more to start kindergarden. He would have been DEVASTATED. As is she still almost had me come pick him up and was appalled that I'd brought him without handing her his file first. (still waiting on the doc back in Michigan to fax his shot records) But all is well :) Things worked out. SO SO so so so SO Glad we managed to get in yesterday. YEESH. Anyway, yes, I'm rambling, the house is quiet and I'm giddy. You're all just gonna have to deal with me today. *wink* *hugs*


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