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Monday, August 07, 2006

Side Effects

Life is full of cause and effect. So many are obvious, and we can't help but see them, notice them, learn from them. But what about the ones that are less noticeable? The one's we either don't notice at all, or simply brush off as nothing before we can make a full connection. How many lessons are we missing? How much grief would we save ourselves if we simply stopped and paid attention. How many small happinesses are we missing because we don't know how to repeat them?

This is something that's been on my mind lately, and I've been trying to pay extra attention to what I'm doing, what others are doing, and what is happening around me. Thought I'd list a few.

*The side effect of not being careful of what you watch on TLC late at night? Dreaming really weird two nights later. (Ya, I thought I was out of the woods when that first night was normal...I was wrong )

*The side effect of getting a full night's sleep, yet dreaming all night long that you have an inoperable tumor? Waking up feeling like a zombie. A state which no amount of coffee or net-surfing is able to cure.

*The side effect of putting the puppy to bed early, then being too tired to remember just how early you sent him to bed and neglecting to send him on a last trip outside before you go to bed? You may have a quiet evening, but the next morning you wake to the desperate yaps of a pup who wasn't able to make the whole night. You wake to using two entire rolls of paper towel on a kitchen floor that has been flooded, jumped in, rolled in, bounced off the cabinets.....it's not pretty.

*The side effect of your puppy having a pee party in your kitchen? Your nose gets assailed with the aroma of pee, vinegar, and mopping fluid by turns at 7:30 am.

*The side effect of the pee party happening on the same morning as the zombie morning? Enter the NUMB zombie girl, hugging her empty coffee mug and staring off at nothing for a few hours.

*The side effect of your hubby petting and scratching your back like you're an aggitated kitty cat, until you drift off for a nap? You fall asleep purring and feeling loved, and wake up two hours later feeling good and connected to the rest of the planet again.

*The side effect of feeling loved and connected to your world? You feel like making someone else's day great.

*The side effect of giving your kids choices, when you're sure of their answer? You are always getting surprised. Should be impossible by now, since they are always deciding opposite of what you think they will, but apparently it's not. ('Sure things' are a myth, people!)

*The side effect of moving to the oppposite side of a new time zone? Your child, who likes to wake at the crack of dawn, no longer gets up with the sun at 6:30/7:00. Now he gets up with the sun at 5:3-0/6:00.

*The side effect of your youngest offspring overhearing you and your spouse converse about how disturbing and wrong it is for the latest kiddie movie to have MALE 'cows' with UDDERS? He flatly refuses to go see said movie two weeks later on the grounds that 'those cows are too weird', and instead wants to see a movie about a kid getting shrunk and living in a colony of ants.

*The side effect of sitting and staring at your computer screen and checking your messages obsessively? Nothing. Doesn't make anyone respond any faster. A sore butt maybe?

*The side effect of playing amateur counselor to a close friend or relative? You stop and realize just how much of your own wonderful advice you haven't been taking.

*The side effect of taking some of your own advice? You discover it works for you too, and you start trying to pay better attention.

*The side effect of paying better attention? You end up with lists like this one. You also end up happier.


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